Electromobility| Manual

The aim of the “Evaluation-Tool” is to suggest you the Electric Vehicles and Plug-In-Hybrid Electric Vehicles that suit your needs best. For this purpose it is important to follow the instructions and answer the questions in the questionnaire the best way.

You will find the questionnaire in the superior tab "EValuation- Tool". At the bottom of every page there are three buttons, "Quit", "Back" and "Submit/ Next". By clicking the first one in any step of the tool you will be redirected to the Homepage. By clicking the "Back" button you will be taken to the previous tab of the tool. In order to submit your answers you have to click "Submit/ Next". The tabs in which you have given answers to all questions will be displayed in green color. The unfinished tabs will be in red.

In the first tab there are some personal questions, which are optional and just to address you personally in the following steps.

In the second tab named "Basic Vehicle Requirements" you will find questions about the basic requirements the suggested vehicles must meet, such number of seats and provided luggage space and range. In the third input field you should fill the one-way commuting distance to work. In the fourth one you should fill your usual total daily driven distance. The quantity you should fill in the next input field represents the maximum expected distance during a typical week including family trips. The remaining input fields concerning the range are optional. The map on the right side will help you to determine your trip lengths accurately.

In the two following tabs you will choose the type of socket you are planning to use for charging your vehicle at home and at work respectively. You can only choose one type of socket as (main) charging infrastructure in every tab. Next to every option there is a picture illustrating the socket. After the socket's selection you have to fill the possible duration of a charging procedure at home and at work, respectively, on a typical day. In case you will not use any socket to recharge the vehicle you have to select the "none" option and the value of the charging duration must be "0".

The last tab with input fields is the one having the name "Purchasing price range". In this one you have to choose the amount of money you are willing to pay in order to buy the vehicle. This is the last criterion for the vehicle's selection.

After submitting answers to all questions, you will find the recommended vehicles in the "Result/ Suggestions" tab. As the environmental conditions have an impact on the range of an EV, the suggested vehicles will be categorized in two tables. The first one shows the suggested EVs for use in mild weather conditions only and the other for use also in cold weather conditions. A third table displays PHEVs that meet your search criteria except for the one regarding the electric range, so that fuel consumption may occur. Under these tables you see the data you have submitted. In case there is no EV that meets the search criteria, you will be asked to check the submitted data and proceed with the necessary changes. In order to make any changes you can visit the relevant tab and submit new parameters. Moving back to the "Result/ Suggestions" tab will give you updated results. At the top of the "Result/ Suggestions" page you will also find the link for a printable version.